Our restaurant in Lama Mocogno - Italy

A restaurant surrounded by nature

Our Restaurant

The restaurant has been recently renovated and has a generous-size dining room with wide windows overlooking the valley of the Scoltenna stream.

The large fireplace in the middle of the room creates a warm and magic atmosphere during winter evenings. While adults relax, children can have fun in our playroom.

We follow traditional local recipes using seasonal ingredients, because dishes made with products grown naturally always have an unmistakeable and unique taste.

We mainly buy our ingredients from local suppliers because at Cà dell'Alpino we love and respect the environment.

Our specialities? Fresh home-made pasta, crescentine (a round-shaped bread), borlenghi (a type of thin crepe) and home-baked cakes.

As per tradition, our amazing borlenghi, are made in special shaped aluminium pans, cotte, and filled with cunza, a spread made from pork lard and flavoured with garlic and herbs, prepared only with locally sourced ingredients! To try them you must book in advance.

Call Miria on 333 543 8351, to book and agree on the menu.

The venue is available for private events: ideal to celebrate all special occasions from evenings with friends and music, to birthdays, graduations and anniversaries. We can accommodate between 50 and 60 people.

If you book in advance you will also be able to personalise your event; our team is available to choose the right decorations for any type of celebration and prepare delicious traditional local dishes.

Tortelloni - homemade pasta