Excursions in Lama Mocogno - CAI Trails

Excursions in Lama Mocogno

If you enjoy mountain walks and excursions, Lama Mocogno has lots of different itineraries to offer.

Sentieri del Frignano (Frignano Trails)
Lama Mocogno is crossed by the Frignano trail, which connects a number of Municipalities including:

  • Ponte del Diavolo
  • Lama Mocogno
  • Borra
  • La Santona
  • Barigazzo (Via Vandelli trail)

The surface of the Via Vandelli trail is partially made of sandstone; the vegetation includes beech and white fir trees and along the way visitors come across a number of rural dry-stone wall constructions.

Other trails in Lama Mocogno, marked by CAI, are:

  • CAI Trail No. 585: Piane di Mocogno - Monte Cantiere
  • CAI Trail No. 581: Barigazzo - Monte Cantiere
  • CAI Trail No. 587: Monte Cantiere - Boccassuolo
  • CAI Trail No. 579: La Santona - Via Vandelli
  • CAI Trail No. 583 Via Vandelli - M. Cantiere
  • CAI Trail No. 465: Magrignana - Tiè